Welcome to NS2HTML

NS2HTML is a tool created to convert the config file extracted from Netscreen devices into friendly HTML rulebases. It is a free tool developed from the need of gathering data from policies used at ancient firewalls under administration. It is developed under GPL license. It's totally free, under the license terms. Feel free to use, develop or send it to who need.`

As we couldn't apply these old rulebases on our firewalls in order to really see the rules, and analyze them, the only way to get information about these rulebases was analysing the config files generated from our Netscreen devices. And this was really boring, complicated and less productive.

This way, with NS2HTML, we can now generate HTML files of old versions of our rulebases. Besides this, a backup of these HTML files can be stored for future use.

As said, feel free for use, develop and other stuff permitted under the GPL license.

Posted by Pace on January 09, 2009